Wednesday, February 6, 2008


"Women Who Know"
I am serving as Relief Society President in our ward, and I love it!
I never thought you would hear me say that
after my first go around at it.
( Perhaps I am a little older? ). While Dave is out making a difference -- I can do the same things here at home. My calling takes up the many hours that I am home by myself, and it keeps me "trying" to do the things I know to be right.
What more could I ask for at this time in my life?


Reeses Pieces said...

Mom it looks good. Did you ever think you would have your own website? Let me know if you need help. Good job!

The Palmer Fam said...

So much for just sitting around watching the news! This is a darling blog! I'm excited to keep tabs on you and all your big doings!


natalie said...

Hey Mom-I love the background on your blog. I think that you might be the only person over 35 with a blog. You'll be the first, you watch though, your friends will slowly start popping up. The Mexico picture in white t-shirts is hating it. I don't remember ever being more uncomfortable from humidity in my life.

Alyson said...

I had no idea until now that you have a blog. I'm sitting here in the hospital killing time while you're walking around and they're testing your oxygen. Lucky us, huh?

kelsey said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so great and that everything went well. I'm sorry I didn't make it up to the hospital to see you. I'm also sorry that the U wasn't a great experience. You know that's only because you didn't have me as a nurse!

natalie said...

Mom-It's time for a new post. I am going to start posting stuff and you may not like that. I wish I could have stayed there even one day longer just so we could do pointless stuff. I just got finished sewing more stuff. I actually really enjoy this sewing thing. I could see this being my knew addiction for a while. Hopefully yours and Nanny's perfection when sewing rubs off on me. I have never been a perfectionist but I am very detailed conscious. Love You!