Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here's a Great Web-site from the Church on Self Reliance


Friday, January 22, 2010

The First Presidency is Asking For Our Help. Please Read Article Posted Below.

First Presidency Appeals to Church Members to Help People in Haiti - LDS Newsroom

First Presidency Appeals to Church Members to Help People in Haiti - LDS Newsroom

He's A Chip off The Old Block -- His Dad's.

I rember so well scenes like this with Everest's dad, Aaron.
" When he was good he was very, very, good! And when he was bad he was HORRID!!!"

But, He turned out to be a GREAT MAN!!

Mommy's Little Helper

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do I Have to Keep Playing??????

This is my grandson Carson. He's a born athlete --
but looks like a tired one in this picture.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Tanner! Can't Believe I'm Old Enough To Have a Teenage Grandson!

Hannah and Her Montanans

Natalie's 3 Children

Collin, Abigail & Carter ~ Posing for the family Christmas Card

Two of My Darling Granddaughters sharing a Bed.

CaraAnn and Ryleigh
( Nicole's 2 girls)

Even though they have their own rooms they are sleeping buddies at night. Sure miss these sweet little faces.

Resolution 2010 - Learn How To Use My Computer!!

It's about time I learn how to get this blog up-dated. I have so many grandchildren to show off ( 10 with who knows how many on the way) plus, I need to get up to speed on this stuff they call modern-day technology. Tonight, Nicole will be giving me lessons and perhaps I may surprise you
and myself at how well I did. I am going to try and start however without any help by adding a picture of my latest grandson,
Isaac Wahlen Markham.